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About Plush

This is where you will find more about Plush Cashmere and our Cashmere collection that we provide to our customers. Plush has more to offer in addition to our exquisite collection and that’s where our five “W’s” will give you a better birds-eye-view on our stance, participation, contribution to the community.

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Why it matters
  • We differentiate
  • Where to find us

Who we are!

Every story has a beginning. Plush Cashmere is no different but with a history to share. Today, our second generation Cashmere entrepreneurs have extended the Cashmere business to over 40 years. Our business mission is to seek and adopt new designs, styles, and textures to ensure we have satisfied customers throughout the world. Plush Cashmere has worked with world renowned designers and brands from North America across Europe while dipping into Asia. Plush considers itself privileged to be recognized and allowed to offer its hand spun products by its century old artisan woven traditions.

What we do!

Plush Cashmere feature designs, from our world renowned designers, and we create products that are unique than the mass produced cashmere products available in the market. We manufacture our products using traditional hand woven techniques as well as use the modern knitting techniques. Plush products consists of “classic designs” which are suitable for all season. Every season we create a new “Collection” range of designer pieces which are unique and catering the current fashion trend. Our next line will be inclusive from “Lounge Wear” and “Home Wear.” Plush product range includes sweaters, capes, ponchos, throws, timeless accessories such as Scarves, stoles, shawls, gloves, mittens and much more.

Why it matters!

The Plush family members has been producing the highest quality cashmere products for over 40 years. We as a family as passionate, devoted and committed to the Cashmere business. We have perfected the art of customer satisfaction and service during this time which has allowed us to remain in this industry as a trendsetter and innovator.

But at the end of the day, Plush Cashmere is a firm believer and promotes local artists and designers with the community. Thus, our products will feature designs from local community too. Vast majority of the handwork in our production line are created by the local Nepali women. We at encourage Women labour force as Plush is run by strong management team too. In addition, a certain percentage of Plush’s evenue is put back to the local community which are directed towards development projects and social causes under the supervision of Plush Management to ensure accountability.

We differentiate ourselves!

Plush has a strong pillars to justify why and what makes us unique and distinctive. Every sweater we sell is custom and tailor made for you as per your specifications. We at Plush will offer the special treatment for your sweater from one of Plush tailors. With all the hard work and efforts put in all our products over the many decades, we have reaped the rewards from receiving many distinctive awards during this course of time and the last are mentioned below:

  • International Quality Management Award, Paris, 2009.
  • BID International Quality Summit Award, New York, 2010.

Plush Cashmere encourages “upcoming designers” to submit their designs from capes, shawls to sweaters. Plush embraces innovation and creativity! We always have an open door policy and allow designers to submit their submissions to info@plushcashmere.com.